Zvhil - Mezbuz Beis Medrash  זוועהיל - מעזבוז בית מדרש
Congregation Bnai Jacob Bnai Jacob Synagogue
מבצר התורה והחסידות שיסודו והנהגתו ע"י אדמו"רי בית זוועהיל  מעזבוז זי"ע ונושא את שמם הקדוש
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Zvhil - Mezbuz
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From The Rebbe

From The Rebbe

Some of the Rebbe's Torah philosophy and scholarship is available in his work Meshivas Nefesh Yitzchok (Hebrew and Aramaic) which has been translated into English. Both the original work and the English translation are available either at local bookstores or directly from the Beis Medrash office. There is also both a Zvhil - Mezbuz Siddur and a Sabbath/Holyday Bentcher (with blessings and Zmiros) available which follow the Rebbe's Nusach and Minhagim.


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